Technology Strategy

LAACMA helps high-tech clients understand the technology landscape and implement the optimal strategy to capture value in the market

Internet of Things Strategy

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Process Optimization

LAACMA draws on its toolkit of various methodologies to design and deploy the optimal business process for our clients. By understanding the current state, LAACMA is able to design processes and systems needed to support them that create value for the company.

Portfolio Prioritization Process

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Organizational Design

LAACMA helps clients design organizations to optimize alignment between groups and create value for the company. LAACMA asseses the status quo to determine the organization’s strengths & weaknesses, and designs an organization that address its most critical issues.

Functional Area Alignment

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System Design

LAACMA’s expertise in building systems is grounded in our ability to truly understand the business and its optimal processes. By starting with the end in mind, LAACMA is able to design and implement solutions that provides a good user experience, as well as capture the data to gain actionable insights.

Project Management & Dashboards

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