Sam Lee is a management consultant who has over 4 years of experience in the pharmaceutical & technology industry. His areas of focus include process development, strategic planning and operational improvement and scaling. He specializes in working with executives to ensure that their organizations are running effectively, as well as diagnosing and remedying root causes to issues in the organization.

Prior to joining LAACMA Consulting, Sam worked at Samsung Electronics, America in the supply chain management division and also was a LSAT instructor at Blueprint Test Prep.

Experiences from Sam’s career include:

  • Led the development & implementation of a framework for a HEOR system built on the Salesforce platform; key capabilities of the system include project management, financial forecasting & data analytics
  • Drove the development of numerous HEOR strategic plans ranging from global to regional HEOR strategies, as well as strategic plans for in-house functions for database analyses & economic modeling
  • Led multiple teams in developing process maps for multiple functional areas in the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. HEOR, Epidemiology, R&D manufacturing
  • Led cross-functional team in developing & implementing a strategy for launching and operating an in-house real world evidence center of excellence at a major pharmaceutical company
  • Development of a global commercialization strategy framework used by a Strategic Marketing group at a Global Pharmaceutical company; framework was implemented across the group’s therapeutic areas
  • Drove the implementation of a R&D product roadmap framework for a leading consumer technology company

Sam received his B.A. in Political Science at the University of California, San Diego and his M.A. in Systematic Theology at Westminster Seminary, California.