Christian Acosta

Cristian Acosta is a management consultant and entrepreneur who focuses on strategic planning, operational effectiveness, commercialization of products, and change management topics. He specializes on working with leaders of organizations to design and implement strategies to effectively scale organizations during periods of growth, turn around underperforming organizations, and commercialize new opportunities

Cristian is the founder of LAACMA Consulting, a management consulting firm focused on empowering clients to achieve results. Prior to founding LAACMA Consulting, Cristian consulted clients on behalf of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He also worked in the JPMorgan M&A group and has taught as a guest lecturer at the executive MBA program of the Wharton School of Business.

Experiences from Cristian’s career include:
  • Development and implementation a framework for creating five year strategic plans for individual products in a Global pharmaceutical and device company; Used framework to create strategic plan for product line with sales over $1B
  • Assessment and design of processes and structure to optimize resource use and timelines for the Chemistry Manufacturing Controls organization of a Global pharmaceutical company; savings over $2M annually and productivity gains over 10% across various groups
  • Development of a tactical strategy for incorporating Big Data analytics for operational decisions across R&D division of a Global pharmaceutical company; Resulting in the implementation of a pilot to improve timelines for clinical study enrollment
  • Designed, modeled and implemented global metrics system and methodology to facilitate capacity planning and outsourcing decision making for clinical development division. Resulted in savings of over $5 million annually
  • Worked with management of a Health Economics group to build business case for increasing resources. Identified products at risk for not obtaining optimal reimbursement and pricing and showed how Health Outcomes evidence would address the issue; Led to an additional ~15% increase in approved resources
  • Conducted in vs. out analysis for a Real World Data analytics group for a Global Pharmaceutical and device company; leading to creation of an internal group and savings of over $4M in the first two years of operation
  • Implementation of clinical development strategy to improve productivity and scale ability; resulted in ~15% productivity gains and $8.3M savings post implementation
  • Designed and implemented processes for document management in order to increase efficiencies and ensure document security across R&D; increase productivity of records processing group by over 25% and opened up over 1000 square feet of space across R&D
  • Development of operational strategy for an R&D Information Systems division within a pharmaceutical company; resulting in the implementation of a new organizational structure which has led to increased communication and streamlined decision making
  • Development of a framework for creating effective presentations for the Wharton School of Business Communication department; Framework was incorporated into the core curriculum for the MBA program and taught as a seminar for the Executive MBA program

Cristian received his BSE in Systems Civil Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and his M.B.A. from the Wharton school of business at the University of Pennsylvania.