Jose Baez

Jose Baez is a management consultant with years of international and domestic experience. He specializes in the identification and implementation of strategic initiatives that drive revenue growth and promote operational efficiency. Previously, Jose has worked in the aviation industry, both for private equity owned and listed companies, where he focused on Financial Planning & Analysis and business line optimization.
Jose is currently a senior analyst at LAACMA and had joined the firm in 2015. During his time with LAACMA Jose has actively engaged in projects with HEOR clients related to budgeting, strategic planning, and process optimization.
Experiences from Jose’s career include:
Assessment and streamlining of the internal finance processes of the HEOR group of a global pharmaceutical and device company
Managed department of 51 employees responsible for 24 hour operation and security of the parking lots of three international airports in the Dominican Republic leading to increasing profitability and operational efficiency
Spearheaded the installation of and created the standard operation procedures for the first automatic payment parking operation in the Dominican Republic with a daily throughput of more than 1,500 users and yearly revenues in excess of US$3 million
Supervised the execution of a portfolio of capital investment projects worth over US$21 million with projects ranging from infrastructure improvements to equipment purchases
Managed a portfolio of over 30 commercial projects with estimated impact of up to US$20 million
Led the negotiation of a commercial contract spanning 10 years that represented 10% of the company’s yearly earnings leading to an over US$4 million increase in earnings
Assisted C-level executives in the design, planning, evaluation, and development of cost-saving and income generating projects leading to a 15% increase in companywide revenues
Modeled and performed financial analysis for potential acquisitions, commercial policies, and new business lines
Jose received his Bachelor’s in Economics from Amherst College, an MBA from the Wharton School, and an MA from the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania.

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