Jose Baez

Jose Baez is a management consultant with years of international and domestic experience. He specializes in the identification and implementation of strategic initiatives that drive revenue growth and promote operational efficiency. Previously, Jose has worked in the aviation industry, both for private equity owned and listed companies, where he focused on Financial Planning & Analysis and business line optimization. Jose … Read More

Sam Lee

Sam Lee is a management consultant who has over 4 years of experience in the pharmaceutical & technology industry. His areas of focus include process development, strategic planning and operational improvement and scaling. He specializes in working with executives to ensure that their organizations are running effectively, as well as diagnosing and remedying root causes to issues in the organization. … Read More

Twyla Briley

Twyla Briley is a seasoned management consultant with extensive experience working closely with senior leaders to develop and implement strategy and orchestrate major organizational change initiatives. Twyla is an expert at creating frameworks and analyses to identify and resolve operational issues, and her background in change management ensures lasting success. Beyond the consulting hard skills, Twyla is known for her … Read More